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Author: Barret


He had first noticed her about a month after he had moved into the space. She had walked past down the sidewalk outside. It had stunned him to the point that he literally stopped talking mid-sentence.

The Genie

“Don’t blame me, Ben,” the woman said as she stepped right along with him. She waved to the antique basket he had just purchased. “You’re the one that let me out. Now tell me, what do you want?”


They had tried to intercept the shuttles over central Arizona. There would need to be a cover-up, but being seen by “civilians” was the least of the shuttle crew’s worries right now. They were in a pursuit of their own, one they had to win no matter what.


Eldar watched the horizon to the west. He was certain that this would be the time that En’ger Wills would be wrong. No one would could be right every time. En’ger had said that yesterday or today would be the day when the green Sky Tower, the last one, would fall.